Expert Vacuum Pump Remanufacturing

Best Warranty in the Business

2 Year Warranty: All ADVACO pump rebuilds are covered by our exclusive two year warranty, from the date of installation, against defects in parts and workmanship.

ADVACO provides the highest quality rebuild service available for your Edwards, Ebara, Busch, and Alcatel dry pumps including support for legacy Edwards IL70 and IL600 pumps. As an independent rebuild facility, ADVACO offers a truly objective rebuild service with the sole goal of keeping your existing vacuum equipment running.

iQDP40 Pump

Included in Every Rebuild

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The Blueprint Process


  • Via state-of-the-art, EPA compliant systems


  • Certified Vacuum Technicians utilizing specially designed and calibrated instruments will thoroughly inspect all of the unit’s components (including electrical and diagnostic systems) vs original OEM specifications.
  • All consumable items quoted for replacement. Major components that do not meet original OEM specifications are quoted for replacement or re-manufacturing in our in-house machine shop (at considerable cost savings).


  • Unit will be re-assembled in one of our dedicated manufacturing cells.

Testing/Quality Control

  • Extensive post re-manufacturing testing via proprietary software/hardware generating graphical data certifying both ultimate vacuum and pumping speed.
  • Applicable equipment software verified and re-set (run hours, etc.).
  • Inboard and Outboard Helium Leak Testing

Pumps We Rebuild

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Manufacturer Series Model
Edwards GX GX100, GX600, GX1000
Edwards iGX iGX100L, iGX100N, iGX100M, iGX100MTI, iGX300, iGX600N, iGX600L, iGX600M, iGX1000
Edwards iH iH35, iH80, iH160, iH600, iH1000, iH1800, iH600SC, iH1000SC, iH1000HTX, iH1800SC, iH1800HTX
Edwards IL IL70, IL600
Edwards IXH IXH100, IXH200, IXH610, iXH1210, iXH1220, iXH1820, IXH3030, IXH3045, IXH4545, IXH6045
Edwards iXL iXL120, iXL250, iXL500, iXL750
Edwards QDP QDP40, QDP80
Edwards iQDP iQDP40, iQDP80
Edwards EDP EDP80, EDP160, EDP200, EDP250, EDP400
Edwards GV GV80, GV160, GV250, GV400, GV600
Edwards DP DP40, DP80
Edwards CDP CDP40, CDP80
Edwards Controllers Q Controller, MCM, Motor Control Module, A38059000, A38128100, A38201000, A38203000, A38209000, A38221000, A38225000, A38229000, A38233000, Q80.4.2.2
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer ACP ACP15, ACP20, ACP28, ACP40
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer ADP ADP31, ADP80, ADP81, ADP112, ADP122
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer ADS ADS122, ADS301, ADS501, ADS602, ADS1202
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer IPUP A100L, A100V
Alcatel/Adixen/Pfeiffer Drytel Drytel 31, Drytel 34, Drytel 100, Drytel 1025
Ebara EV-A EV-A03, EV-A06, EV-A10
Ebara EV-M EV-M20N, EV-M102N, EV-M202N, EV-M302N, EV-M502N, EV-M802N
Ebara EV-S EV-S20, EV-S20P, EV-S20N, EV-S50, EV-S50P, EV-S50N, EV-S100, EV-S100P, EV-S100N, EV-S200, EV-S200P, EV-S200N
Ebara EST EST25N, EST100WN, EST101WN, EST200WN, EST300WN, EST500WN, EST800WN
Ebara ESA ESA25S, ESA25D, ESA25XW, ESA70W, ESA80W, ESA100W, ESA200W, ESA300W, ESA500W
Ebara UERR 40X20, 50X20, 65x40, 80X25, 150X40
Ebara A A07V, A10S, A25S, A30W, A70W, A150WM, A150WT
Ebara AA AA10N, AAL10, AA20, AA30, AA40WN, AA70WN, AA100WN, AA200WN, AA300WN
Busch Dry Pumps COBRA NX 0450, COBRA NX 0650, COBRA NC 0100, COBRA NC 0200, COBRA NC 0300, COBRA NC 0400, COBRA NC 0630, COBRA NC 1000, COBRA NC 2500, COBRA DL 0080 , COBRA DS 0080, COBRA DL 0160, COBRA DS 0160, COBRA DS 0600, COBRA DS 0700, COBRA DS 1000, COBRA DS 2000, COBRA DS 2610, COBRA DS 3010, COBRA DS 5161, COBRA DS 9161, COBRA DS 8162, COBRA DS 8163, COBRA BA 0100, COBRA BC 0100, COBRA BC 0101, COBRA BC 0600, COBRA BC 1000, COBRA BC 2000
Busch Dry Pump Controllers 0985-523-545, 0985-523-593, 0985-524-593, 0985-527-002, 0985-527-020, 0985-527-021, 0985-529-050, 0985-532-727
Pfeiffer Diaphragm Pumps PM12569-840.3
Vacuubrand Diaphragm Pumps MD8, MD4, MD4NT
KNF Neuberger Diaphragm Pumps UN840.3FTP
Danielson Tribodyne DanVac TD-30/16, DanVac TD-30/120-HVP
Thomas Diaphragm Pumps 688CE44

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