diffusion vacuum pump rebuild

Diffusion Pump Rebuilding Services

2 Year Warranty: All ADVACO pump rebuilds are covered by our exclusive two year warranty, from the date of installation, against defects in parts and workmanship.

ADVACO offers full re-manufacturing services for all models of diffusion pumps, including Agilent, CVC, Edwards, Leybold, NRC, Stokes, and Varian

What's Included In ADVACO's Vacuum Pump Rebuild and Services

  • Two Year Warranty:
    The best in the industry — parts and labor guaranteed two full years from the time your pump is installed at your facility, against defects in parts and workmanship.
  • Comprehensive Documentation:
    The entire service history is documented and archived for future retrieval, report generation or data/trend analysis.
  • Detailed Failure Analysis Options: ADVACO offers multiple failure analysis options to meet your budgetary and data collection requirements.
  • Factory Trained Technicians:
    Our technicians are factory trained to ensure your rebuild project maintains high reliability and durability.
  • ISO9001:2015 Registered:
    ADVACO's quality system is ISO9001:2015 registered.
  • Computerized Testing:
    Calibrated test equipment and components are utilized to verify and record all official operating parameters, and the output is provided with each shipment.
  • Environmental Compliance: Registration with EPA #MDD985419076. ADVACO adheres to proper disposal methods to ensure the safety of our environment.
  • Fast Turnaround:
    ADVACO will meet your schedule and delivery requirements.
  • Proactive Uptime Program
    Customer specific programs can be designed to maximize pump life.
  • Priority Services: Expedited service available upon request.
  • Pick-Up & Delivery Available:
    Available everywhere - we can coordinate the transport of your equipment to and from your facility.
  • In-house Machine Shop:
    Enables us to remanufacture major parts to reduce cost and maintain serviceability

ADVACO's Vacuum Pump Rebuild and Service Process

Disassembly and Cleaning

Disassembly and decontamination of the jet assembly and pump body.

Inspection and Quotation

Certified Vacuum Technicians will clean and inspect the boiler plate, cooling coils, heaters, heater studs, thermostats and all other pump parts for deterioration or damage.

If any major damage has occurred to the jet assembly, cooling system, boiler plate or other areas, you will be provided with a final quote upon the completion of the diffusion pump evaluation.

Replacement of all consumable parts

Testing and Quality Control

  • Inboard and outboard leak detection
  • Pressure testing of the cooling coils

Diffusion Vacuum Pumps We Rebuild

Search through our vacuum pump rebuild and repair table to find your model pump.

Manufacturer Series Model
Agilent/Varian/NRC -- VHS-4, AX-65, H4X, HAS, HS-16, HS-2, HS-20, HS-32, HS-4, HS-6, M-2, M-4, M-6, NHS-35, NHS-4, NHS-6, VHS-10, VHS-250, VHS-400, VHS-6
Edwards -- 18B4B, 30B5M, E012, E04, E06, E09, HT10, HT16B, HT20B, SI100
Stokes -- 150-16, 150-10, 150-6, 150-4
CVC -- PMC-2, PMC-2, KS-200, PMC-4, PMC-4, PMC-4, PMC-6, PMC-6, PMC-6, PVMS-10, PMC-10, PMC-10, PVMS-11 (-12), PVMS-11 (-12), PVM-16, PVM-20, PMC-20C, PMC-20C, PMC-20C, PMC-20C, PVM-32, PVM-32, PMC-32C (-48C), PMC-32C (-48C), PMC-32C (-48C), PMC-32C (-48C), KS2000
Leybold -- DIP 3 000, DIP 8 000, DIP 12 000, DIP 20 000, DIP 30 000, DIP 50 000

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